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Before you continue, please take some little time and read the following text:

Our goal is to make the tournament as comfortable and pleasant as possible. To give everyone the chance to give their best at any time and reach for the top while never forgetting fair play, we would like you to read the attached etiquette document and would be honoured if you would live it with us together.

Note: This document is by no means influenced from any third party and is alone translated and written down  by members of the club on collected experiences. We want to give you some background information WHY etiquette is such a sensible but important subject to mahjong.

Etiquette rules have their origins from the time where mahjong was played in shady places in Japan for gambling or by the yakuza. To maximise chances of winning, players tought themself how to cheat. Nowadays, where automatic tables are widely used all over Japan, tile stacking or tile switching etc. became almost impossible.

Since the most of us play like the old days, where tiles are shuffled manually and walls builded by hand, all these afore mentioned tricks CAN be done without any great effort.

While playing at tournaments, outside ones well known circle of friends/club, one often meets players from foreign countries, some of them for the first time. No one can say with 100% accuracy that everything goes the way it should be without accusing anyone.

That’s exactly the point where etiquette comes into play!

Main reason no. 1: Prevent cheating.

Don’t look like you’re cheating!

Main reason no. 2: Make the game run at a faster pace.

As tournaments are played with time limits, everyone benefits from a faster game.

If everyone follows and lives the true spirit of 和 (“wa”), the japanese term for “peace”, there are sheer endless possibilties and we can truly highten this wonderful game of mahjong to the next level – together!


We would like to greet you with a warm welcome on our registration page for the Ōryū Maajan Taisen.

This two-day MERS 2+ tournament from the 27th to 28th of april in 2019 is hosted by the Rinshan Kaihou Mahjong Club in Cologne.

The registration fee is 45€ for DMJL members and 50€ for non-members and should be transferred three weeks before the beginning of the tournament to the following bank account

Recipient: Manuel Schlich

IBAN: DE71 5776 1591 0183 6651 20


The maximum amount of players is 48, additional tables will be opened per further registration of four players. There is one additional table opened so that we’re currently at 52 players.

Location of the tournament:

Schützenhalle der St. Sebastianus Bruderschaft

Maria Himmelfahrt Straße 10

51067 Köln/Cologne-Holweide

The location is conveniently accessible via public transport. The tram lines 3 and 18 with direction to Holweide stop directly at the Schützenhalle at the station “Maria Himmelfahrt Straße”.

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