The rules used are according to the EMA from april 2016. You can find the rules here in english for downloading.

Besides the official rules played at tournament, we like to make use of house rules like

  • 4x Aka-dora (2x 5-pin, 1x 5-sou und 5-man), without open tanyao
  • Ryan Han Shibari, after the fifth tsumibo / when in fifth honba round, one needs 2 han to declare a win
  • Changed kan-dora-hyouji timing (Ankan-declaration –> instant flip of kan-dora-hyouji, Dai- or Shōminkan–> flip after discard)
  • Tōchūryūkyouku (Abortive Draws) at
    • same for winds discarded at an undisrupted first go-around (Sūfontsurenta)
    • nine different 1/9 and wind/dragon tiles in ones haipai in the first go-around (Kyūshūkyūhai)
    • four player riichi (Sūcha-Riichi)
    • four kantsu, at least one from a different player